Successfull Health Qigong Workshop and Demo

Health Qigong Workshop

At the STN Festival Saturday 9th of November DHQA gave a workshop Health Qigong led by Anil Bhagole (vice president DHQA).



Ba Duan Jin – DHQA

At the end of the day DHQA demonstrated Ba Duan Jin and asked the public to move together. The people responded by joining the movements and made this demo a succesful interaction!


Daoshu – Fei Wushu Talent Program

Haye is young and talented and receives special attention to grow his talent in the Fei Wushu Talent Progam. He demonstrated his progress with Daoshu (Broad sword).

Taiji Chen style

Anil Bhagole closes the demonstrations with Taiji Chen style.


Special thanks to all DHQA team members who realized the workshop and demonstrations!

DHQA demo team – from left to right – Ruah, Saskia, Guus, Gwan, Anil, Stanley, Haye, Gudo, Tea and Fons